Britpop From Australia – New Single ‘REVOLUTION SON’ By SHIVA AND THE HAZARDS

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

18 October 2020


Who: Psych rockers from Melbourne.

Pick: REVOLUTION SON – new single from their upcoming debut LP

Score: With the first spin, I swear I thought that I heard a previously
unreleased track by one of my favorite bands ever, Manchester legends
Oasis. When I checked the press info I found out that this Britpop stomper
comes from down under.

The swagger, the vibe, the beat, the Noel Gallagher guitar solo, it’s what made
the 90s so exciting and vivacious. Supersonic sing-along anthems made of stone
and bittersweet epic symphonies. It was cool to be a rock ‘n’ roll star again.
D’ You Know What I Mean? I’m sure you do.

Roll with it…


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