Rainbow Daydream – New Single ‘SCHOOL GIRL’ By Canadian Artist AKEEM OH

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

AKEEM OH is a Canadian singer/songwriter
and producer based in Ottawa ON.

She new sensitive single SCHOOL GIRL is about a close friend.

“I absolutely love the creative process, and I was determined to get it to sound
the way it sounded in my head. Playing every single instrument on this track,
‘School Girl’ feels very me. The young woman in the song goes through some of
the things I was going through while creating it. Sometimes you have to let the
song be what it is
” says OH.

It’s one of those sweet starry-eyed musings that transfer you and your dreams
to la-la land where a bright, colorful rainbow makes you forget the worrying reality
for a while. Whistle along, hum along, sing along. Feel good, feel free, feel happy.

“When it’s not enough, she magnifies.”


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