Tower Of Sound – Boston Noise Dreamers MOTEL BLACK With New Smack ‘QUOTING THOREAU’

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29 October 2020


Who: Firm noise band from Boston producing hook-laden rock, atmospheric and noisy soundscapes, embracing elements of post-punk, garage, doomy folk, and psych-rock.


“I wrote this song three years ago while living in Dorchester’s Codman Square. As with most
of the songs that I write, they are about nothing and everything at the same time. What was swimming in my head when I wrote this – and is always there in one way or another – is the idea that change is cleansing and particularly in urban development,”
says Brian George (vocals, guitar)

Score: The towering wall-of-massive sound this Boston noise quartet produces is
huge, I repeat huge! From the Metallica-like ‘Nothing Else Matters’ intro on the intensity
and vehemence of this high-voltage passion stroke grows slowly but surely towards a sonic orgasm. Afire guitars, poignant vocals and an overall titanic orchestration with
an overwhelming effect. You’re out of breath when the track suddenly ends. Wow!

The pressure to build
The pressure to grow
Speaking to me
Is like quoting Thoreau
And every complaint
Deserves an excuse
And I wane

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(press photo band via Noisy Ghost PR)

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