The ‘COMEDY SHOW’ Must Go On – Hear New Intense Ballad By Nashville Outfit FLIGHT ATTENDANT

New sonic impulses

5 November 2020

(photo by Storm Sheler via Redsand PR)


Who: A psychedelic space rock band from Nashville. “I think you could find some of our future tracks on ISS Radio in the year 2050” says frontwoman, Karalyne Winegarner of the band’s sound.

New single released to coincide with the culmination of the election circus in the USA.

About: “A somber ballad of sorts, that serves as a gentle warning to not lose site of what’s important in a world filled with so many distractions. The song is supposed to remind you that the easier road of plugging your ears and laughing your problems away- is a temporary fix that won’t hold.” says Winegarner.

Score: The piano colored intro of this gripping ballad makes you silent for a while, causing a moment of reflection. But slowly but surely the song’s heartbeat gets more intense and mesmeric, Winegarner‘s vocal tour de force peaks and guitars flame up until a weeping violin outro brings you back to earth. Stunning orchestration! Stunning vox!

Ps: The moment I wrote this the new POTUS wasn’t known yet. Yes, the SHOW was still on.


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