COMING SOON! Your Album For A Wall-Banging Family Xmas Party – POWER UP!

You want to bang your head against the wall, with your beloved family on, Xmas Eve?
No problem. Veteran rockers AC/DC from down under release their 17th album – which definitely will sound the same as the 16 previous ones – titled POWER UP this Friday.

Take your short trousers out of the closet and
prepare yourself for a thunderous riff tsunami.

Hells Bells! For those about to rock AC/DC salutes you with the lead-single…

NME says: “After 50 years in the game, the band don’t reinvent the wheel – when they
basically created it, why would they? – but their timely comeback is a hell of a ride… “I’m
hoping this album will make young kids go out and buy a guitar, learn the riffs and discover
the rest of our catalogue,” Brian Johnson told us. While it remains to be seen if they’ll heed his words, this album proves that it won’t be through lack of trying on AC/DC’s part. This is, all considered, a kick up the arse at a time when we need it the most.”

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

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