A Shot Of Adrenaline – New Vivid Single ‘OUT OF THE SHADOWS’ By GREAT HARE


24 November 2020

GREAT HARE is a Swedish band formed about 10 years ago. As they know
the how-to-write-a-great-tune manual inside out Turn Up The Volume featured
this combo several times before.

And here we are again with their brand new mood-boosting
thrill called OUT OF THE SHADOWS.

From the stimulating intro on you’ll tap your feet, without even noticing it. This is the
wake-up-call I want to hear when I can’t get out of my bed in the morning. You simply
can’t resist this shot of adrenaline. This is what elevating pop is all about. Vitalizing, energizing, and galvanizing. In a normal world, this should be a global hit. Oh yeah, I
feel quite euphoric and, trust me, you’ll have your heart beat as fast as mine after just
one spin. Hopefully, we can all come out of the lockdown shadows pretty soon.

Get excited here…

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