Tons Of Psych Jams With New Album ‘DANCES / CURSES’ By HEY COLOSSUS

24 November 2020

Who: Indie rock squad formed in London in 2003. The band has undergone several lineup changes, revolving around founding members Joe Thompson and Robert Davis.

Released: 6 November 2020

Info: “The lucky thirteenth record by Hey Colossus is the work of six musicians in tune
with the dualities of life as a loud rock band, fit to channel both the dances of aspiration and the curses of reality into a record that transcends all limitations in a blinding volley of incandescence.

This serendipitous album marks something the band never necessarily intended – a work in the tradition of the double album that somehow changes itself every time it returns to the shelf. Somewhere on the great continuum between Unwound’s Leaves Turn Inside You and Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through “The Secret Life Of Plants”, Hey Colossus have created their finest alchemical achievement to date.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Never ever a dull moment with these post-punk-tastic groove machine. They master the art of wrapping sickly sticky tunes in a wall-of-bang-up sound.
Tons of riveting hooks, never-ending riffs and mind-bending licks. Electrifying jam after electrifying jam they cause blood-tingling kicks we desperately need in these ongoing messed-up corona times.

Sonic intoxication, emotion-charged feverishness and psychedelic thrills are the keywords. I repeat, never ever a dull moment. It’s late in the year, but this is a first-class 2020 record.

Singles: The Eyeball Dance / U Cowboy / The Mirror



Featuring dark crooner Mark Lanegan

Stream/buy DANCES / CURSES here…


Also on Spotify

(Artwork album by David Hand)

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