Sturm Und Drang Punks BOOJI BOYS Drop New Slash & Trash Slam ‘SEX GENIUS’

26 November 2020

After the chaotic havoc of 2019 LP Tube Reducer Canadian outcasts
BOOIJ BOYS – named after a Devo character – returned to their smelly
punk basement to record a new nasty slam, titled SEX GENIUS.

It’s on a new compilation called Seaside Sickness,
a 7″ EP that features different punk bands from
the East Coast of Canada.

Sex Genius is a speedy slice of trash and slash punk. Thunder and lighting tumult
to scare your neighbors with. I have no bloody idea whatsoever of the identity of
the Sex Genius, let alone that I have any idea of what they actually yell about, but
it’s the perfect sturm und drang sledgehammer to crush that evil corona virus.

Here we go…

Label: Drunken Sailor Records

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