ELVIS COSTELLO Et Son Camarade IGGY POP… En Français

4 December 2020

Bonjour à tout le monde. Aujourd’hui quelque chose de très spécial.

ELVIS COSTELLO and IGGY POP met recently for a conversation for Rolling Stone‘s
current Musicians On Musicians series. At one point Costello said that the lead-single
NO FLAG from his new, highly acclaimed, album Hey Clockface is actually an homage
to Pop’s old legendary band The Stooges.

And by surprise, they shared, during the interview, a new version of ‘No Flag with Costello playing every instrument and Iggy Pop singing… in French. Note: the Godfather of punk
has sung in French before, on his 2009 album Preliminaires et il le fait très bien.

Ici l’homme avec beaucoup de passion pour la vie en Français. On y va

Costello‘s original…

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