Alive And Kicking Emotions – ‘FLUORESCENT BLACK’ By Rocking Duo MECHANICAL

3 December 2020

MECHANICAL is a rowdy two-man band from Croatia, formed in 2019. They’re all about alternative, psychedelic, and progressive rock combined with philosophy.

And they walk it like they talked it. Their super-duper debut single FLUORESCENT BLACK
is a cast-iron rocker fueled by layers of thunder and lighting guitars, massive drum beats and highly emotional vocals. Combine Soundgarden‘s dramatic impact and Royal Blood‘s high-tempered robustness and you know what to expect.

Fluorescent black shining bliss
Scope of the colors that I’ve seen
Making the present far more real
Far more vivid and more clear

And my heart that now is keen
Vision now starts to fade
Now I want more to feel
Once again, I want to
I want to play

Play it loud


(photos received via the band)

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