Psych Echoes From The 60s – THE VIOLET MINDFIELD With New Single ‘STRANGER IN THE MIRROR’

8 December 2020


Who: A Garage/Surf/Psych/Bedroom/Acid folk/Lo-fi/among other things/rock band
from the Inland Empire of Southern California. The group strives to project in their music
the vibration of love and light, like a companion through the shadows, to all the hearts
and minds venturing to enter their sonic abode.

References: The Byrds, The Beach Boys, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Pink Fairies,
The Yardbirds, Iron Butterfly, The Velvet Underground

Pick: STRANGER IN THE MIRROR – new single

Score: You don’t need a time machine to catapult yourself back to the swinging 60s
if you have The Violet Mind right here, right now. Sparkling guitars, psychedelic colors, pop-ular tunefulness, good vibrations harmonies, jingle-jangle Mr. Tambourine resonance, and a strange girl story is what you want to hear when the darkness sets in and you just want to relax and dream your sorrows away. All you really want to do is feel a whole lot better.

How could it be
She only ever sees
The stranger in the mirror

THE VIOLET MINDFIELD: Facebook – More music on Bandcamp

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