Small Label Big Tunes – First Compilation By Liverpool’s DISOBEDIENT RECORDS

7 December 2020

DISOBEDIENT RECORDS is a small Liverpool-based label working with young wolves without a career plan, without the pretension of being the next Stones or Stooges, without
a big budget for recording studios, to tour extensively or make multi-colored video clips
or to pay for expensive drugs.

Indie bands care about making noise, raising their voice, and have the time of their lives. Their fresh, non-corporate approach results in fresh, non-corporate music with an open mind, with punch and with balls. Raw, rough and honest.

My point is, without small labels run by music junkies who do not have the intention to become scandalously rich but want to guide hungry, talented juveniles who think they’re the next Stones or Stooges, the world would be a dull place inundated with making-big-money-orientated rubbish.

So, hail hail to small labels and its founders.
Hail hail to Disobedient Records that
just dropped its first compilation titled
FOOD FOR THOUGHT (like that UB40 song).

Founder Daniel Thomas says: “This is the first of many compilation albums we will
produce over the coming months. I just hope this first release will raise a lot of money
for the North Liverpool Foodbank. They need it right now.”

Expect a tsunami of fired-up garage crackers, in-your-face punk electricity, psychedelic drones, rowdy rockers, some mellow stuff in the end, but most of all expect tons of thunder and lightning tunes.

Disobey! Disobey! Disobey!

Press play…

Disobedient Records: Facebook

Great album artwork is by Mikhail Siskoff.

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