Disorientated Indie Passion With DENH IZEN And Double Single ‘SLIP AWAY’ And ‘NEVER AGAIN’

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20 June 2021

Band: DENH IZEN (London, UK)
Who: A four-piece channelling guitar music’s dark underbelly and create songs that are packed with booming vocals, swirling guitars and atmospheric mood swings. Formed in 2018. So far they released an EP and a couple of singles. Check it all out on Spotify

New double single: SLIPS AWAY and NEVER AGAIN

Tavish JW Westwood (vocalist): “‘Slips Away’ is written about running away
from inevitable self-destruction and the overwhelming explosion when it confronts
you face-to-face. Whereas ‘Never Again’ is about the difficulty of forgetting traumatic experiences yet finding comfort in the lingering chaos that fills your mind.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Captivating indie passion with the knockdown swagger
of Iceage and the quiet/loud/quiet dynamics of Mogwai (on ‘Slips Away’), the wayward melodiousness of The Smiths and the gloom and doom destructioness of Pete Doherty
(on ‘Never Again‘) Disorientated indie music from the big smoke, as the band describes
their muse spot-on well.

Here’s why…

DENH IZEN: Facebook

(photo via Disobedient Records)

Young Hungry Glasgow Rockers WEEKEND DEBT Unleash Brand New Single ‘NOBODY EVERYONE’

23 April 2021

Who: Glasgow alt-rock four-piece

Pick: NOBODY EVERYONE – brand new single

AboutIt’s a song that came from bottled-up emotions about a breakup. The
more I let these emotions get to me, the angrier and more upset I got, which probably
resulted in such a hard and heavy tune, something we hadn’t really delved into properly.
It’s definitely one of our favourite songs to play live.”
says guitarist Calvin Smith.

Score: Liverpool’s small label Disobedient Records keeps on signing young wolves
who want to break out, leave boredom behind them, try to make their dreams and
desires come true, and rock your and their own socks off. Enter: Weekend Dept. On the stereo: Nobody Everyone. Highly energetic and sharp-riffing indie rock at its youthful best. Smells like teen spirit. Big guitars, big drums/bass, big tune, and big post-breakup vocals. What do you need more to boost your bloodstream? Right.

Feel the heat…


Young Scottish wolves on fire…

(photo via Disobedient Records)

‘EAT YOUR HEART OUT’ – Another Razzle-Dazzle Compilation By Indie Label DISOBEDIENT RECORDS

10 February 2021

DISOBEDIENT RECORDS is a small Liverpool-based label. Their impressive roster is
filled with young wolves with buzzing indie swagger and rattling tunes. Turn Up The
already featured kick-ass disobedient bands like Permo, DeafDeafDeaf and
Swine Tax before.

You can hear them and 11 other, equally stem-winding clans
on the label’s new, third compilation EAT YOUR HEART OUT.

Trust me, this is a red-hot-blooded collection of razzle-dazzle thrills.
I know, I already purchased my copy. What about you?


Don’t Get Addicted – Scottish Punks PERMO Hit With New Slam ‘HEROIN’

8 January 20210


Who: Three young wolves from Falkirk, Scotland formed in
2019, inspired by dynamite forces like Idles and Heavy Lungs

Pick: HEROIN – brand new single via Disobedient Records

About: “It’s written from the perspective of someone looking at their friend’s
relationship and seeing they’re trapped and can’t seem to stop going back to
this girl who treats them like shit”
says bassist Hamish Georgeson.

Score: Wow! What a sizzling slice of trash and slash punk. Expect 135 striking
seconds of heavy thunder and scary lighting. Totally insane drums and bass,
deranged guitar frenzy and cranked-up, psych-o-tic howling. No better way
to warn your friend that he’s in a toxic relationship. Right? Fucktastic intensity!

Alert your neighbours first…

PERMO: Facebook

Label: Disobedient Records

Another Dynamite DISOBEDIENT RECORDS Compilation Of Varied Indie Electricity For Charity – JUST BUY IT!

28 December 2020

DISOBEDIENT RECORDS is a small Liverpool-based label working with
hungry mavericks with an indie heart and a sonic searching soul.

Early this month they launched the first compilation of many to come.
Check Food For Thought out here.

A new collection just came out. It’s a dynamite must-have compilation
with no less than 25 bands/artists producing an effervescent, varied
mixture of cutting punk rippers, brisk pop tunes, roaring rippers,
and electrifying stunners. First-class indie hullabaloo!

Oh, and you’ll discover some kooky band names such as Erotic Secrets
Of Pompeii, My Octopus Mind, Dear Asteroid, Dutch Wine
and Beige Banquet.

The record is available to download for only £5 on Bandcamp. All the money
raised will go to Reece’s Line. A charity set up in aid of the 18-year Scottish boy
Reece Spark who heartbreakingly took his own life this year. A foundation created
to support those who suffer from mental health issues.

Just buy this awesome collection and support
this caring foundation that deals with an
alarming and severe modern-day problem…


Small Label Big Tunes – First Compilation By Liverpool’s DISOBEDIENT RECORDS

7 December 2020

DISOBEDIENT RECORDS is a small Liverpool-based label working with young wolves without a career plan, without the pretension of being the next Stones or Stooges, without
a big budget for recording studios, to tour extensively or make multi-colored video clips
or to pay for expensive drugs.

Indie bands care about making noise, raising their voice, and have the time of their lives. Their fresh, non-corporate approach results in fresh, non-corporate music with an open mind, with punch and with balls. Raw, rough and honest.

My point is, without small labels run by music junkies who do not have the intention to become scandalously rich but want to guide hungry, talented juveniles who think they’re the next Stones or Stooges, the world would be a dull place inundated with making-big-money-orientated rubbish.

So, hail hail to small labels and its founders.
Hail hail to Disobedient Records that
just dropped its first compilation titled
FOOD FOR THOUGHT (like that UB40 song).

Founder Daniel Thomas says: “This is the first of many compilation albums we will
produce over the coming months. I just hope this first release will raise a lot of money
for the North Liverpool Foodbank. They need it right now.”

Expect a tsunami of fired-up garage crackers, in-your-face punk electricity, psychedelic drones, rowdy rockers, some mellow stuff in the end, but most of all expect tons of thunder and lightning tunes.

Disobey! Disobey! Disobey!

Press play…

Disobedient Records: Facebook

Great album artwork is by Mikhail Siskoff.