Don’t Get Addicted – Scottish Punks PERMO Hit With New Slam ‘HEROIN’

8 January 20210


Who: Three young wolves from Falkirk, Scotland formed in
2019, inspired by dynamite forces like Idles and Heavy Lungs

Pick: HEROIN – brand new single via Disobedient Records

About: “It’s written from the perspective of someone looking at their friend’s
relationship and seeing they’re trapped and can’t seem to stop going back to
this girl who treats them like shit”
says bassist Hamish Georgeson.

Score: Wow! What a sizzling slice of trash and slash punk. Expect 135 striking
seconds of heavy thunder and scary lighting. Totally insane drums and bass,
deranged guitar frenzy and cranked-up, psych-o-tic howling. No better way
to warn your friend that he’s in a toxic relationship. Right? Fucktastic intensity!

Alert your neighbours first…

PERMO: Facebook

Label: Disobedient Records

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