Another Dynamite DISOBEDIENT RECORDS Compilation Of Varied Indie Electricity For Charity – JUST BUY IT!

28 December 2020

DISOBEDIENT RECORDS is a small Liverpool-based label working with
hungry mavericks with an indie heart and a sonic searching soul.

Early this month they launched the first compilation of many to come.
Check Food For Thought out here.

A new collection just came out. It’s a dynamite must-have compilation
with no less than 25 bands/artists producing an effervescent, varied
mixture of cutting punk rippers, brisk pop tunes, roaring rippers,
and electrifying stunners. First-class indie hullabaloo!

Oh, and you’ll discover some kooky band names such as Erotic Secrets
Of Pompeii, My Octopus Mind, Dear Asteroid, Dutch Wine
and Beige Banquet.

The record is available to download for only £5 on Bandcamp. All the money
raised will go to Reece’s Line. A charity set up in aid of the 18-year Scottish boy
Reece Spark who heartbreakingly took his own life this year. A foundation created
to support those who suffer from mental health issues.

Just buy this awesome collection and support
this caring foundation that deals with an
alarming and severe modern-day problem…


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