R.I.P. Metal Legend LEMMY – Passed Away 5 Years Ago


28 December 2020

The legendary MOTÖRHEAD hero LEMMY KILMISTER passed away 5 years ago today, on 28 December 2015. He was 70. He entered the music world as a roadie for guitar icon Jimi Hendrix and for prog act The Nice (with Keith Emerson).

The leather metal freak’s first band he played in was space rock outfit Hawkind. He was kicked out of the group after he spent 5 days in a Canadian prison for drug possession. So he started his own gang MOTÖRHEAD in 1975. They released 22 albums, with Bad Magic as the final one. It came out a couple of months before he died.

Rest in peace, motherrocker. You were ACE!



Better Motörhead than dead…

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