SLEAFORD MODS Music Matters – New Longplayer ‘SPARE RIBS’ Out Now!

15 January 2021

Band: SLEAFORD MODS (Nottingham, UK)
Album: SPARE RIBS – the duo’s 11th LP

Jason Williamson about the LP’s title: “it’s the idea of the amount
of people that died from the first wave of coronavirus, human lives
are always expendable to the elites. We’re in a constant state of being
spare ribs.”

NME writes: “The Nottingham duo put COVID Britain bang to rights with
stunning production, great guests, scabrous lyrics – and a steadfast refusal
to offer easy answers.”
Read the full interview here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: Sleaford Mods music matters.

Singles/clips: Nudge It / Shortcummings / Mork n Mindy




Full ribs…


Order-facilities here.

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