Rage Against The Machine Rockers SAVING JACKIE Drop Video Clip For ‘MY FAITH IS LARGER’

Eye-and-ear catching…

16 January 2021

Last summer San Antonio‘s forceful crossover turbine SAVING JACKIE, with loud
and clear
Amazon Jenny 4C Ramirez in the middle, released a new EP with three
bang-on-target grenades. Three heated rap-mother-rockers. Three explosive

For opener, MY FAITH IS LARGER – imagine Body Count fronted by Ramirez – the
4-piece launched a video clip with the band in full action, hitting it big time. You
have no excuse whatsoever not to bang your head against your lockdown living
room wall. Beat your virus frustration now, worry about the headache later!

Let’s roll

I know you want more.
Here’s the EP in full


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