Second Album Second Triumph – Outspoken Punks SHAME Score Again With ‘DRUNK TANK PINK’

16 January 2021

Who: Razor-sharp-verbal punks, led by hot-blooded
blusterer Charlie Steen, from South-London, who nailed
it big time with their fury filled debut Songs Of Praise.

Album: DRUNK TANK PINK – second LP
Released: 15 January 2021

NME‘s verdict: “Angst and isolation from one of the country’s best bands…
An intense record that searches for answers in chaos and uncertainty. Whether
or not they found what they were looking for, ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ confirms Shame’s
status as one of the most exciting bands at the forefront of British music. Long
may they reign there.”
Full review here. Score 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: Debut LP Songs Of Praise was one of best albums
of 2018. Drunk Tank Pink is/will be one of the best albums of 2021. The band’s
fervid fury does your head in the way you like it. You’ll be out of breath after
just one spin. Young wolves with a heavily beating heart and a loud-mouthed
soul, kicking ass with inexhaustible vim and vigor. Damn right.

Singles/clips: Snow Day / Water in the Well / Alphabet / Nigel Hitter





Full album…

SHAME: Facebook

Charlie having a walk…

(photo by Turn Up The Volume – Brussels 2019)

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