Big BANG Synths And Rock-Rap-Pop-Rapture With New Single By Japanese Artist HARU NEMURI (春 ねむり),

19 January 2021

The past 4 your years Japanese all-round artist HARU NEMURI (春 ねむり) caused acclaimed waves with 3 notable mini-albums (you can stream them on Spotify).

To start 2021 she has a new single out called BANG.

Nemuri explained what inspired the new song: “I cried a little in the bath when Donald
Trump won the US presidential election four years ago. The social persona of Donald Trump really understood the behavior to show his stuff completely in this society where the ideals of the capitalism and the individualism are unnerved and they has been bogged down, and he
has succeeded in letting a lot of people be under the impression that it’s the strength and the identity of a strong person to take both discriminatory and anti-foreign attitudes by repeating them. It was a great sadness for me that there’re many people who couldn’t help supporting such the sham strength.
” Read her full statement on her website.

Bang is a witty and skyscraping electro stormer with Nemuri rapping and ranting, groovin’ and movin’, rockin’ and rollin’. Get ready for a huge wall of synths, a razor-sharp-tongued tsunami of words and a thunder and lighting chorus. Dance yourself dizzy!

Big bang indeed!

Get excited here…

HARU NEMURI (春 ねむり): Facebook

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