Smashing Guided Rock By Rolling Voices – CUB SCOUT BOWLING PINS Steam On Debut EP

27 January 2021

CUB SCOUT BOWLING PINS (I wonder who came up with this crazy name) is not
really a new group. It’s actually a disguise for the hardest working band in the world
(they released 3 albums in 2020!) Guided By Voices.

The imperishable rockers premiered new 6-track EP HEAVEN BEATS IOWA (I wonder
who came up with such a crazy record title) a couple of days ago.

It’s a steamy jamboree of manic guitar rippers with instantly head-spinning firework
with the 60s organ fueled sickly sticky, scream-along closer as my on-repeat favorite.

Mind you, the other 5 cuts will boost your lockdown mood too. When their ear-vibrating riffs, flamboyant licks, garage-rock like hooks, and some Black Sabbath drones here and there trigger your senses you’ll don’t care about the authors’ name. Oh yeah, heated stuff!

Stream/buy the lot here…


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