While The World Rears Its Ugly Head Psychedelic Rockers THE LUCID DREAM Drop Paranoid Lead-Single From New LP

(Photo credt: Sam Wood – via Silver PR)

British psych-rock crusaders THE LUCID DREAM revealed
that a new, their fifth, longplayer titled THE DEEP END is
coming on 2nd April.

Ahead of it the band dropped lead-single CHI-03.

Frontman Mark Emmerson says: “As a band, we nailed it within a day of rehearsals
in spring 2019, from a writer’s perspective hearing the force of the track as a 4-piece was overwhelming. Sheer Power. We said between us recently that it is surreal that the track
and samples particularly, as well as the prominent 80s hip hop influence, are based
around issues that have reared their ugly head again since.”

CHI-O3 is a jaw-dropping piece of psych-o-delic paranoia. An ongoing droning jam invading your greedy ears from the get-go, driven by a relentless drum/bass blitz with
a haunting synth going bonkers and Emmerson‘s megaphone vocals augmenting the schizophrenia of this mad race. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Here’s the dazzling video clip…


New album THE DEEP END out 2nd April via Holy Are You Recordings

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