CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH Share Fourth Cut From Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘CYHSY, 2005’

29 January 2021

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH, the one-man band of Alec Ounsworth
will share new album New Fragility with the world on 12th February.

“The songs are politically motivated, which is unusual for me. t’s about
what I think we’re all experiencing at the moment, certainly here in the
United States, anyway, trying to move forward amidst an almost cruel
says Ounsworth.

We already enjoyed three pieces and here’s number four, weirdly
titled CYHSY, 2005 (a reference to the self-titled debut LP from 2005?).
A poppy song with loads of strings and Ounsworth‘s peculiar voice
all over it.

Tune in here…

All 4 shared tracks on Spotify

CYHSY: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume! Brussels – Belgium)

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