Veteran Indie Rockers WEEZER Have Their New Guitarless Album ‘OK HUMAN’ Out Now!

31 January 2021

Band: WEEZER (Los Angeles, CA)
Active: Since 1992

Album: OK HUMAN – 14th LP
Released: 29 January 2021

Rolling Stone says: “The approach is a not-so-subtle nod at chamber-pop benchmarks
like Pet Sounds and Let It Be but without the confessional diary entries of the former or the sentimentality of the latter. Instead, Cuomo tempers his natural sense of humor to the mood
of the music and the world in front of him.”
Score: 7/10.

Turn Up The Volume: I never thought Weezer would ever make a full album without any guitar on as producing layers of electrical riffs & licks is what the band has been about for the whole of their career. Do I miss them? No (which I felt, to be honest, only after a couple of spins). Guitars out, violins in. Strings are made for bittersweet symphonies and you get a lot right here. An 8/10 for me.

Single: All My Favorite Songs…

Full album…

WEEZER: Facebook

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