When Harmonies Turn Into An Addictive Chant – Listen To ‘WANDERING ALONG’ By SISTER WIVES

25 February 2021

(photo by Joe Singleton)

Who: Bilingual 4-piece from Sheffield unified as one in 2018 to conceive wild tales
that flit between Welsh and English language, sung over cavernous melodies and
hypnotic beats. Their post-punk, prog-flecked psychedelia rumbles deep inside
your soul and shames all those who deserve it.

Pick: WANDERING ALONG – the first single via Libertino

Score: If you want to get high safely then I have the perfect dope for you. The new
single by the gorgeously cool looking Sister Wives goes on like forever pushed by an intoxicating guitar/synth riff creating a trance-like sensation along its course while
angelic harmonies float all over it turning this mesmerizing humdinger into a swirling
hymn you just can’t resist. Trust me, you’ll already be hooked after one spin. Try to find
the repeat button to continue your ‘Lucy In The Sky With Sister Wives Diamonds’ experience.

Here we go…

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