Move Over NIRVANA – Here’s PINK ROOM Smelling Like Cheap Champagne And Overdue Oysters

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

2 March 2021

Putain, putain

What do you do when you get bored during these no-live-music times if you are a hungry-for-action-and-alcohol band? Well if you’re Belgian noiseniks PINK ROOM you buy a case of cheap champagne and one kilo of overdue oysters and you pretend you’re a rich pig like King-burger Elvis was.

But after a couple of hours, totally pissed and sick, you’re bored again and you decide to do something to share with other bored people, like us. So you write and record a fervid firecracker Nirvana forgot to write – because they were too busy to absorb first-class champagne and fresh oysters with the money they earned by smelling like teen spirits.

Now, back to the smelly garage of Pink Room. You call the cannonball you have just written LOSING (what else) and you make a video clip to promote your new steamy stunner. In that very clip, you show what a bored band does while being bored. Guess what? They drink bottles of cheap champagne and consume overdue oysters. Fun, right? You betcha!

Now you know what to drink and eat when you’re bored and you can do it all while
hopping around like a stoned kangaroo while LOSING is about to crush your speakers.


Unleash the beast…

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New album PUTAIN ROYALE out 12 March. ORDER HERE and make PINK ROOM
as rich as Nirvana. They deserve first-class champagne and fresh oysters too.

(Artwork by Valentine Gallardo / photo on top by Turn Up the Volume!)

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