Goddammit – Here’s ‘GOD’S HATE’ By GOD’S HATE From New Album ‘GOD’S HATE’


4 March 2021

Band: GOD’S HATE (Los Angeles)
Who: Ferocious hardcore hit team
fronted by pro wrestler Brody King
(advice: don’t mess with this guy).

New album: GOD’S HATE
Out: 12 March 2021 via
Closed Casket Activities,

Title track: GOD’S HATE
Sound: Rage Against The Machine sound like cute pussies
compared to this riot-hardcore-gun gang. The tumultuous
turmoil starts with gunshots (of course), followed by a series
of bone-crushing drones and King‘s hellish out-of-this-world
vocal cords roaring like it’s Apocalypse time. Aaarrrggghh!

“Life is hard—be harder.”

Alert your neighbors
before you press play…

GOD’S HATE: Bandcamp

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