To Hell With Blue Mondays – From Chicago… Rowdy Rockers INDOORSMEN

To hell with Blue Mondays…

8 March 2021

Damn, another bloody Blue Monday.

Remedy? Chicago’s rowdy rockers INDOORSMEN.

Why? Because this steamy hot rod gang just entered the hard-hitting rumble & roll scene with two razorblade-cutting singles. Two nasty slam dunks à la Micheal Jordan. First, they cause a PANIC ATTACK, a crazy-riff ripper about the struggle of fighting with anxiety and daily life as a cog in the machine. Thereafter, your head will spin 360° with the sickly sticky stonker BE LIKE THIS dealing with the feelings of self-consciousness that we all deal with.

Now evacuate your living room and kick this Blue Monday in its ass…




Garage rockers take a break…

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