Blue Cheers And Raw Power Punk – Back In Time With ‘NO FUTURE’ By Oklahoma Trio BROKEN SKY

13 March 2021

Who: Three electrifying desperadoes from Wayne, Oklahoma that rocked
the boat about 15 years ago, featuring a member of Wicked Shimmies

Released: 21 February 2021

Turn Up The Volume: This LP sounds like mind-exploring US rock ‘n’ roll stuff from
the 60s/70s, was recorded in 2006, and is now released in 2021. Time has no impact whatsoever on good old razzle-dazzle firework. Anything can happen anytime as long as the authors behind it keep it all alive, like right here. Broken Sky takes you on a historic DIY carousel. From sizzling blues electricity (California/Red Dirt Blues) to schizophrenic punk tumult (On The Twist/Joey). From psychedelic rainbows (In The Sun/To The Wind) to a 13-minute jam that makes you think that The Stooges were actually aliens (the album’s closer Broken Sky). From Blue Cheer to Dead Kennedys, from the Jimi Hendrix Experience to Grateful Dead. From Jefferson Airplane to MC5. From then to today. This music, this record still has a future.

Here’s why

Recorded in 2006 by Casey Friedman at Inner State Studios, Oklahoma City, OK.
Mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound in 2021.

John Brakefield – Guitar, vocals
Race Baker – Bass, guitar, percussion, vocals
Rory Baker – Drums, percussion

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