A Shot Of Riot Grrrl Adrenalin From Berlin – Here’s ‘I WANT NOISE’ By LOBSTERBOMB

18 March 2021

Who: Loud trio from Berlin formed in
a basement in 2020 featuring. Nico Rosch,
Vik Chi and Crayon Jones.

“A song for when quiet meditation just isn’t enough.

Score: No special effects, no arty-farty production, no boring solo’s.
What you get here is Bikini Kill‘s raw outcries, L7‘s detonating gusto,
B-52‘s rock lobster’s liveliness and catchy aaah-aaahh-aaaah chants.
This is a steamy shot of Riot Grrrl adrenalin. A punk-fun knockout.
And did I say that this fresh trio looks utterly cool? You betcha.

Stream/buy the noise here…

Also on Spotify

LOBSTERBOMB: FacebookInstagram

Anarchy in Berlin…

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