Young NICK CAVE On Fire

The Young Nick Cave

A new autobiographical 432-page book about Nick Cave as
a young man (‘the Dark Lord’ as one of his friends called him).
From growing up in Wangaratta to joining the music scene in
Melbourne, Australia.

Author: Mark Mordue.
Australian writer, journalist, and editor.

Louder Than War (Melanie Smith) writes: ‘Although it is primarily about the younger
Nick, we still get a flavour of how the Nick of today thinks and feels about the world around him. Nick has had no easy ride in life as he’s been hard on himself, pushing himself to achieve greater things. I’d say he was a perfectionist, constantly driven to create, whether it be music, art, screenplays, or books. It’s taken a considerable time for him to emerge and be accepted as one of the greatest songwriters and live performers of our generation; experiencing him live is like a religious experience. Colin Cave (his father) would be proud of the good son he turned out to be.”
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