The Verve Swagger And Oasis Coolness – ‘DEEPER THAN HOLY’ By Britrockers PASTEL Feels Supersonic

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

30 March 2021

Who: 5 British ‘mad for it‘ rockers
alive and kicking since 2017

Pick: DEEPER THAN HOLY – single from their
upcoming summer debut EP via Manchester
label Spirit Of Spike Island.

Score: Imagine the bittersweet symphony swagger of Richard Ashcroft and
The Verve and the natural born coolness of Liam tonight I’m a rock ‘n’ roll star
Gallagher. Supersonic, right? And when your label celebrates the spirit of the
legendary Spike Island show of The Stone Roses back in 1990 – resulting in tons
of bored lads starting a band (hello Oasis) – you know that rock ‘n’ roll hedonism
is back in town. And not a day too late. In these freedom-and-pleasure limited
lockdown times bands like these – go away, Radiohead – sound and feel like the
second coming. Hope to see you soon somewhere on an island, guys.

Be adored right here …

PASTEL: Facebook

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