The Universal Language Of Music – Poetic Synth Noise With New Album By Greek Act MECH_NIMAL

30 March 2021

Who: A modular band from Athens – Greece, an industrial project, a
unique collective of musicians and video artists, recording in various
permutations and staying true to the original roots of post-punk

Album: Θόρυβος (Noise)
Released: 12 March 2021

Info: “The eight tracks – with the words of Angelica Vrettou, for a long time in the
Mechanimal universe as creator of their album covers and curator of the videos
of their live performances, performed by the electric voice of Thekla Tselepi, sound
like timeless, irrelevant, precious fragments of their hitherto sound-worldview.

Turn Up The Volume: After last year’s drone ‘n’ roll LP Crux this Greek act
surprises again with a new thrilling adventure featuring two artists-ladies,
Angelica Vrettou (words) and Thekla Tselepi (voice).

What you get is spoken word poetry over cinematic synth layers, from ambient
to industrial. The lyrics are in Greek, I hear you say. So what? Music is a universal
language. The enigmatic, mysterious, ghostly and hypnotic sound of the words
trigger your imagination in a most peculiar way. Yes, the way you love it when
the clock strikes midnight. Put on your headphones, close your eyes and enter
the noise universe of Mech_nimal, an exciting sonic place to be. Synth-tastic!


– Κοιτάζω τις Σκιές στους Τοίχους

Stream/buy full album…

MECH_NIMAL: Facebook


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