Learn To Write One Song With JEFF TWEEDY

11 April 2021

‘Loving the Things We Create and How They Love Us Back.’
Released: 30 October 2020 – order info here

Who: Best known as the compelling singer
and songwriter of Americana band Wilco.

Info: “The idea of becoming a capital-S songwriter can seem daunting, but approached
as a focused, self-contained event, the mystery and fear subsides, and songwriting becomes
an exciting pursuit… How to Write One Song brings readers into the intimate process of writing one song–lyrics, music, and putting it all together–and accesses the deep sense of wonder that remains at the heart of this curious, yet incredibly fulfilling, artistic act. But it’s equally about
the importance of making creativity part of your life every day, and of experiencing the hope, inspiration, and joy available to anyone who’s willing to get started.”

Jeff Tweedy: “I came up with the title for the book to help myself organize my thoughts
and focus my attention on what it is that I’m doing at its most basic level. I never wanted
to write a step-by-step, craftsman manual about music theory and stuff like that. I don’t
have a firm grasp on that myself, and I kind of consider that an asset.”


Jeff Tweedy: Facebook

(image: cover solo album ‘Warm Warmer’)

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