Dream Pop From Moscow – MASHMELLOW Dropped Their New Starry-Eyed EP ‘POLE POLE’

New sonic impulses…

11 April 2021


Who: A Moscow-based dream-pop duo.
Masha Shurygina (vocals) and Egor Berdnikov
were both born in Russia’s Far East and met
in 2018. They share a mutual love of early
90’s dream-pop.

EP: POLE POLE – a 6-track record

Score: Mashmellow invite you from the first track on, into their
mixed-emotions universe of 90s pop and shoegaze dreams. They
also invited The Sundays (Small Spark / Upside Down) and Mazzy
(We Own The Night / Trust) to join their romantic walk under
the sparkling stars. This 6-track EP has all elements to make you
sit down, to make you feel relaxed, to make your eyes close and
press play. Enjoy the starry-eyed vibes here…


(band photo via FB-page Mashmellow)

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