LEG PUPPY Is The New Dope And Social Media Is The New Coke…

17 April 2021

London’s techno sensation LEG PUPPY strikes again.

This time he has an irresistible offer for all you social media
junkies out there. His proposition: “I am a social media expert.
Grow your profile with 2k followers for 20 US dollars

Attractive, right? You can contact the Puppy expert right here.
Good luck, I hope you all become online celebrities.

Anyway, Leg Puppy, while getting scandalously rich, has another sonic
smokescreen for his identity out called, yes indeed, YOUR PROFILE IS DOPE.
It’s technotastic, like a synth-manic-Kraut-dance-snorter going on like forever
and ever. Think Chemical Brothers remixing Kraftwerk.

Now here’s my proposition: just forget about all that shitty followers crap.
Buy this dope track. Make Leg Puppy rich for his real expertise. Trust me,
he’s worth every penny.

Social media is the new coke, Leg Puppy is the new dope.

Hey boys, hey girls, listen up…

Buy the track here…

And don’t forget to follow Leg Puppy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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