Coming Soon… New Album By THE MOUNTAIN GOATS

22 April 2021

Who: Indie folk-rockers led by founder
and singer-songwriter John Darnielle
From: Claremont, California, US
Active: Since 1991 / 20 albums (so far) /
Latest: Getting Into Knives (2020)

New album: DARK IN HERE – 20th LP (third in 18 months)
Cover artwork: Walpurgis Night in Bergslagen, Grandgärde in Dalarna
by Swedish painter Anshelm Schultzberg – 1896 – from the collection
of the Swedish National Museum.

Out: 25th June via Merge Records – Order info: here.

Peter Hughes (The Goat’s multi-instrumentalist): One of the words that
John (Darnielle) used when we were talking about the direction for ‘Dark in Here’
was “wild,” which I liked a lot. Not wild in the sense of abandon—these aren’t those
kind of songs. But wild in the sense of something undomesticated, untamable. Wild
like the immutability of nature, the way it will take back any piece of untended space
as its own…. Wild like the whale; like a powerful animal. Or a virus—the beast that
awakes, emerges from a forest, and stops the world. You can fight the calamity all
you want, but either way, it’s going to demand your surrender.

Lead-single: Mobile

A moody beauty…


(photo: Jade Wilson / received via Silver PR)

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