Psychedelic Stoner Blues – Swiss Engine MYSTIC SONS Dropped Their New Album ‘CURSES AND SPELLS’

22 April 2021

Band: MYSTIC SONS (Switzerland)
Who: Some random guys from Switzerland
playing some random rock and roll.

(photo: Lucien Grandjean / via FB-page Mystic Sons)

Released: 16 April 2021

Turn Up The Volume says: These Swiss motherrockers build a huge
wall-of-titanic-stoner-blues-sound influenced by other motherrockers
such as Black bloody Sabbath (Curses And Spells / Great Horse), Monster
(Girls Of The Night / Helpless Blues) and Fu Manchu (False Gods).
LOUD. LOUDER. LOUDEST. Oh, my poor stereo-speakers, I hope they
survive this ear-splitting trio.

Single: Helpless Blues

Stream/buy the noizzzz here…


Recorded and mixed by Jan Saunier at Blend Studio – Lutry
Mastered by Kent Stump at Crystal Clear Studio – Dallas
Artwork by Bertrand Bouchardeau

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