PARTIKUL – Get Cursed By This Swirling EMB Duo From Brussels

When up and coming artists make you want to scream…

1 May 2021

Who: EBM duo from Brussels
Influences: Lydia lunch, Boy Harsher, Tuxedomoon,
Nitzer Ebb, the Smiths, Moon duo, The soft moon

Single: CURSE – from their upcoming debut
album Related Memories, out this summer’

Score: If your body doesn’t react to this manic electro jackhammer consult
your doctor and ask for an adrenalin injection. This non-stop synth steamroller
goes 100 miles per hour without looking back. No brakes, full steam ahead. The
fast and the furious for some explosive dance floor action. A crushing curse you’ll
embrace with both arms while pirouetting yourself dizzy.

Click ‘watch on YouTube’ and get cursed

PARTIKUL: Facebook

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