Saturday Night Blues Rock Fever – New ROYAL BLOOD Album ‘TYPHOONS’ Is Out

2 May 2021

Who: Blues-rock tandem out of Brighton, UK
who entered the arena with blustery bravado
back in 2014 with their self-titled debut album.

Album: TYPHOONS – 3rd LP
Released: 30 april 2021.
Order info here.

KERRANG! writes: “So confident and perfectly measured are Royal Blood
here that, while definitely focused on the stars, they sound like they never
noticed the gutter was there in the first place. It’s rock’n’roll lit up by a disco
ball, and has there ever been a time when we’ve needed that more?”.

Full review: here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Expect Saturday Night Blues Rock Fever with several
monumental disco-esque thunderclaps (Trouble’s Coming / Oblivion / Mad
/Boilermaker / Hold On) that I’ll have on my earphones for some
time to come. Kudos, to Royal Blood, for not milking the same formula
over and over again like The Black Keys did with their last few albums.

Singles: Typhoons / Trouble’s Coming



Dance your ass off…


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