Reflections About The Unknown Tomorrow – Portland’s FAR LANDS Released Second Album ‘THERE BE MONSTERS’

4 May 2021

Who: Portland-based singer-songwriter Andy McFarlane,
producer Matt Drenik and Ivan Howard of The Rosebuds,
Gayngs, Howard Ivans

Released: 30 April 2021 via Get Loud Records.

Info: “The creative simplicity of recording stood in stark contrast to the developing
situation in Portland, with the COVID-19 pandemic being compounded by scattered
protests and calls for racial justice. The album’s themes of exploring the unknown,
both externally and internally, started to take on a different tone as 2020 wound on.
As the sessions drew to a close and the album became ready for release, McFarlane
sat back and took stock…

““Releasing the album in 2020 didn’t feel right. My story wasn’t the one the world needed
to hear”… Not much has changed. The world is still aimless and unsettled, the disease still
rages, and things are still tough, but it’s time for the world to hear McFarlane’s second act.
One of love, growth and change. It’s a reminder to navigate these trying days with an open heart, and take comfort in the ever-expanding unknown, because maybe you’ll end up in an ice storm that will change your life.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is a record that feels and breathes like 2021. What about
the current world problems? What about the future? What about the science-fiction-like pandemic and its unknown aftermath yet to come, the ever-recurring racist monster, not only in the USA, the overall global human intolerance. Time to sit back. There Be Monsters
is a fitting soundtrack to accompany your worrying thoughts. The heart and soul of The National, the gloomy sentiments of Bonnie “Prince” Billy and the indie folk squiggles of Bon Iver come to mind. Sit down, dim the lights, empty your mind and let Far Lands make you hope that the unknown tomorrow will be alright.

Single/video: It’s Time

Full album…

FAR LANDS: Facebook

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