5 new firecrackers to boost your favorite 48 hours…

‘Stick By Stick’ by LITTLE MUSGRAVE (Brussels)
Lighten up, folks. Joey Wright aka Little Musgrave activates your feet, hips, and head with
this ongoing funky groove. Its hypnotic vibe triggers your best body moves. Shake and quake is what you’ll do when this inflammable crackerjack hits your ears. EP ‘Matches’ coming up via Wild Goose Chase Records.

Here‘s the vibe…

‘High & Hurt’ by ICEAGE (Denmark)
One of the best pieces these Danish rockers ever recorded. Amplified passion,
anthemic swagger, and a titanic chorus. From the band’s new, very impressive
fifth LP Sheek Shelter. Actually their best (so far). Hurrah!

Feel the glow…


‘Non-Dramatic Break-Up Song’ by LINNEA’S GARDEN (Boston, MA)
The happiest break-up song I heard in ages. All lovers out there, listen and learn. This electrical earworm will make you stay good friends after you called it a day with your partner. Heads up, put Linnea on the stereo and your broken heart will be healed in no time (I hope). From her new 5-track sensual party EP Nowhere Friday’s Night.

Let’s roll…

‘Sketch Of Light’ by THURSTON MOORE (US)
One of those 24/7 musicians who breathe music, who dream about music, who are obsessed about music and who only make music they want to make. Like this sparkly, instrumental jam you wanna hear when you get up in the morning (well, I do).

A sonic veteran with a youthful heart…

‘Save Yourself’ by THE NEVERLUTIONAIRIES (North-Carolina, US)
Wow! This pumping psych knockout grabs you by the throat from the get-go with its Black Sabbathesque drone hammering all the way and its thunder and lighting beat doing your head in. The band’s brainchild Christopher Harold Wells: “I wrote ‘Save Yourself ‘ about a dear friend of mine who had serious substance abuse issues that eventually claimed his life. Though he had a crazier existence than mine, he always tried to give me advice about getting myself together.”

Feel free to bang your head

See/hear you next week, music junkies…

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