Toronto Stormers THE EFFENS Turn Up The Heat With ‘VENOM DENIM’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

30 May 2021

Band: THE EFFENS (Toronto, Canada)
Who: “Hyper-strange post-grunge and glam pop four piece who seem to
take in all the vagaries of the internet age and recycle them into something
unique and fantastic.”

Pick: VENOM DENIM – opener from the band’s 4-track EP Eventually
About: “You can never truly take away the parts of your life that an ex has
helped shape. “Venom Denim” is about all the marks and residue left, even
after you’ve broken free of a relationship.”

Score: Ongoing guitar drones create an inflammatory wall-of-rip-roaring
sound with the impact of a drilling hammer. Rattling drums increase the
fervency of the emotive heat at play, while a mysterious female voice
echoes in the back now and then. Pretty puissant, pretty tenacious, pretty
steamy while the intensity goes through the roof. Strike!

Turn up the heat…

THE EFFENS: Instagram

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