Everyday Is Doomsday Now With A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS And Their Sound-Track ‘I MIGHT HAVE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

2 June 2021

Who: Infamous psych-noiseniks from Brooklyn, NY
led by founder/mastermind Oliver Ackermann
Active: Since 2003 / 5 LPs (so far) / Last one: Pinned (2018)

New work: 5-track EP titled Hologram, out 16 July. Order info: hero.

New single: I MIGHT HAVE – 2nd shared track from upcoming EP Hologram.

Score: Donald Trump. Coronavirus. Black lives don’t seem to matter. The poor
(still) getting poorer, the rich (still) getting richer. The hypocrite entertainment
world full of sexist macho scum. The far-right rules (again). Conspiracy maniacs everywhere. Drugs are illegal/weapons are legal. Humankind is busy fucking-up
climate, nature, and in the end the whole of Planet Earth.

Well, it’s certainly not a ‘what a wonderful Louis Armstrong world‘ we live in. But as
maestro Ackermann points out: “Life sucks, we may as well have a good time.’ Let’s start
today, folks, with this thunder and (no) lighting wall-breaker rushing with the speed of
a hot rod on the run and pretend that it is Doomsday… every single day. Party time!

Right now, right here…

Also on Spotify


New EP HOLOGRAM out 16 July 2021
via Ackmermann’s label Dedstrange.
Order info here.

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