MARTHA SKYE MURPHY With Impressive Ghostly Quest ‘FOUND OUT’

New sonic impulses…

6 June 2021

Who: Singer/songwriter from London

New single: FOUND OUT

Sound: Like Portishead stripped to the bone, like a slo-mo PJ Harvey dream.
A ghostly wandering voice on a quest. Both enigmatic and expressive, both
intriguing and intimate. This is special, this is impressive. Minimal resonance
with maximal result. Amazing grace!

‘Is that what you want? Is it that what you need? To be found out?’

Stream/buy ‘Found Out’ here…


About the awe-inspiring MSM photo on top:

Art direction and Photography: Ceidra Moon Murphy
Makeup: Chiharu Wakabayashi
Styled: Priyesh Patel and MSM

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