WOLF ALICE – Third Album ‘BLUE WEEKEND’ Is About Epic Pop Brilliance

8 June 2021

Who: London quartet that became pretty
big (in the UK) over the years. They won
the Mercury Prize in 2018 with 2nd LP
Visions Of A Life

New album: BLUE WEEKEND – 3rd LP
Released: 11 June 2021 – order info here.

Ellie Rowsell (singer) about the new one: “I think, in terms of it sonically,
a lot of this album has quite a lot of stacked vocals which make me think of
choirs, and that’s maybe why it sounds a bit church-y, perhaps.”

NME‘s verdict: “If the singer and guitarist’s songwriting has become even more
accomplished since Wolf Alice’s last album, then so has her bandmates’ too. ‘Blue
Weekend’ is the group’s most cohesive listen, and keeps intact the restless spirit that
makes their work so unpredictable and exciting… A stone-cold masterpiece full of
confidence and magic that further cements their place at the very peak of British
music. Long may they remain there.
Full review: here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Except for ardent rockers Smile and Play The Greatest Hits
the band takes a different direction with a stream of epic ballads with gospel-like
choirs (The Last Man On earth), emotional symphonies (How Can I Make It OK?) with
multi-layered goosebumps harmonies and orchestrated pop brilliance overall.

Ellie Rowsell is the star in the middle. She never sang better, she wrote her best ever
lyrics (so far) and she never looked better (yes, even more gorgeous than before).

Singles/clips: The Last Man On Earth / Smile / How Can I Make It OK?




Full album…

WOLF ALICE: Facebook

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