Second Single From Upcoming Album – LIARS Have A ‘BIG APPETITE’

New sonic impulses…

17 June 2021

Who: Australian-American indie rock trio
Active: Since 2000 / 9 albums (so far)

New album: THE APPLE DROP – 10th LP
Out: 6 August 2021 – more info here

New single: BIG APPETITE – 2nd cut from the LP
Slo-mo stonker with a haunting and spooky progression. Top!

Angus Andrew (the band’s orchestra master) about the video
for the new song: “I thought that spelunking with bats for the
first single Sekwar video tested the upper limits of my fear
tthreshold, but it turns out having a revved up drill pointed
close to my forehead for a day is truly the stuff of nightmares.”

Watch/listen here…

LIARS: Facebook

New album out 6 August

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