Melancholia In Motion – THE BANKROBBER Revealed New Video Clip For ‘CARRY ME ON’ Single

Clips for ears and eyes…

19 June 2021

Italian pop act THE BANKROBBER released
their newest single CARRY ME ON last month.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “New musing Carry Me On feels like a nightly
gloaming. Acoustic soul-searching and intimate tenderness. The darksome
sorrowfulness of the late great Buckley legends floats all over this gloomy
Giacomo Oberti ballad. The Bankrobber is back and still has the lockdown

And here’s the video clip for the song. As always, made with images fitting
the song’s heart and soul, with stylishness and refinement, visualizing the
tristesse of the protagonist in this one beautifully. Melancholia in motion.

Watch here…


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