French Duo RON MOOR Tackle Organized Religion On New High-Powered Album ‘UPSIDE DOWN’

19 June 2021


Who: Duo formed and led by French multi-instrumentalist-songwritter Ron Moor who began to play the guitar at age 15. He discovered music through American ’90s bands such as ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ or ‘Garbage’, which led him to alternative-pop-rock directions.

Album: UPSIDE DOWN – 3rd LP
Released: 2 April 2021

Info: “”May 2019. Ultra-Catholic students perpetrate homophobic acts in the heart of
La Roche-sur- Yon, France. It was on this ground of intolerance that Upside Down, Ron
Moor’s third album, was born. Wishing to maintain total artistic independence, it only
took Ron Moor a few months to compose, write, record and mix, all at home, this new
opus of twelve tracks decidedly more engaged and more powerful than the previous
ones. Far from falling into primary anti-clericalism, ‘Upside Down’ nonetheless paints
a gloomy portrait of a sinking society, beset by religious and political extremism. In this
concept album, Ron Moor draws on his Judeo-Christian roots to deliver a message of
respect and tolerance.”

Turn Up The Volume says: Imagine Metallica going grunge with Billy Corgan
on vocals and Queens Of The Stone Age‘s ringleader Josh Homme in the production
chair. Sounds gloriously loud, right? Actually very loud, right? You betcha! Add Ron
‘s sharp-as-a-Swiss knife attacks on organized religion – there can’t be enough
protest against that eternal evil undermining the free spirit of our society since Adam
and Eve
– and you know this is a knockout longplayer with a heavily beating heart and
a caring soul. No more rest for the religious wicked and all related hypocrites. Turn
them upside down and kick their intolerant butts. Hell yeah!

Single: Son Of Gods

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