About The Munchausen Syndrome – Listen To New Single ‘PUNISHMENT’ By THE EFFENS

New sonic impulses…

1 July 2021

Band: THE EFFENS (Toronto, Canada)
Who: “Hyper-strange post-grunge and glam pop four-piece who seem to
take in all the vagaries of the internet age and recycle them into something
unique and fantastic.”

New single: PUNISHMENT

“A sweet yet sinister love song. It’s about all the ways that someone can control
another by ‘caring’ or ‘helping’ them. You can put yourself in the role of caregiver
and have it become such a deep rooted part of your identity that you actually don’t
want the person you ‘care’ for to get better. This song is written from the point of
someone who is sabotaging an individual just enough so that they are unable to
become independent and will continue to rely on their ‘caregiver.’

Score: Mix the soft side of The Strokes with the slacker vibe of Dinosaur Jr
and you’ll know what your ears can expect here. Lyrically it’s about a kind of
Munchausen syndrome. Don’t love and care about someone for your own sick
me, myself and I‘ obsession, it only leads to human dramas.

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